NewsGPT: The world’s first news channel generated by artificial intelligence

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The world’s first news channel, NewsGPT, produced solely by artificial intelligence, has just been created, apparently putting the livelihood of media professionals at risk as AI chatbots disrupt the norms of interaction.

It’s a game changer in the news industry, according to Alan Levy, CEO of NewsGPT.

โ€œThe media has been plagued with biased and subjective reporting for far too long. With the help of NewsGPT, we are able to provide viewers with the facts and truth without ulterior motives or bias. In a statement, Levy said.

NewsGPT says that it provides readers with news from around the world that is unbiased and based on facts. He says he “has no reporters or prejudices.” At, you can get NewsGPT for free.

NewsGPT can scan relevant news sources around the world in real time using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technology.

It then uses this information to create accurate, up-to-date and fair news and reports.

The artificial intelligence algorithms used by NewsGPT can analyze and decipher data from various sources, including social media, news websites, and government organizations.

As a result, the channel is able to provide viewers with access to the latest news and information on various topics, including science, technology, politics, and the economy.

The news on NewsGPT, the firm claims, is not influenced by sponsors, political allegiances or personal views, in contrast to other news channels.

Its main goal is to provide viewers with accurate and reliable news every day of the week.

Levy continued: “We believe that everyone should have access to objective and balanced news.” By using NewsGPT, we are achieving just that.

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The information was released as Microsoft-owned OpenAI introduced “GPT-4,” a new sizable multimodal model that can process text and image inputs.

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