Online dating: How to maintain a long distance relationship?

It’s amazing how quickly online dating has changed. Today it is almost impossible to find a person who has never met anyone on the Internet. What’s more, many people even start serious relationships on the web and keep them at a distance. And this is really cool!

The question is, how to maintain love and strong relationships hundreds and thousands of miles away? After all, when a person is close it’s one thing, but when they’re away from you most of the time, it’s a completely different experience. We have collected some useful tips on how to not only maintain but also develop harmonious relationships even over long distances.

Keep communication

After all, it costs you nothing to give yourself a couple of seconds to write “Good morning!” or find out how the day went. Even very short text messages are a sign of attention and interest. Don’t forget to write to your loved one!

However, you definitely shouldn’t be limited to just messaging on instant messengers. To develop a closer relationship, you need to use other options. Try using voice messages. Certainly, you probably know that they annoy friends or colleagues. But with a loved one, everything is different. They can really enjoy listening to your voice.

Try to set aside some time for a face-to-face video call at least once a day. Skype, Zoom, Discord – any service will do. The opportunity to see yourself, even if it is on the screen, is priceless. Don’t look for excuses for yourself. After all, video chatting doesn’t necessarily mean sitting for several hours in front of a screen. You can continue to do your thing during the conversation, for example, cook dinner. Perhaps this will make the conversation even livelier.

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Listen to music and watch movies together

No wonder they say that music unites. For example, the Spotify streaming service can create Duo playlists based on the couple’s preferences. In any case, listening to music, exchanging tracks and entire playlists with your loved one is not a problem at all.

Another great option to pass the time is to watch a movie together. The easiest way is to call on Skype and start a movie at the same time. Also, you can discuss interesting plot twists, characters and their actions. By the way, there are even special services for viewing sharing. For example, Syncplay and similar analogues. Here, movies start synchronously, you can pause both viewers at the same time, there’s even built-in text chat. But we still recommend calling and communicating by voice.

play computer games together

Luckily for all of us, there are games for everyone. Even if your partner isn’t an avid gamer, it doesn’t matter. You can find something simple but exciting. Well, if both of you are fans of computer games, you can enjoy hours of interesting and rich pastime. Just do not overdo it, otherwise many people forget that they also need to communicate on video chat.

The only advice is to try to choose games where you interact more and help each other, and not be opponents. You don’t need a game conflict.

Plan your next meeting and travel together

Anticipating and discussing a real future date is very attractive. Also, planning is good. You may be wondering where you want to go, what you want to see, where you want to spend your free time. Especially pedantic people can even be advised to make a to-do list and a clear action plan.

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Be sure to discuss joint trips. It doesn’t matter if you travel to a neighboring city or to another continent. Find interesting sights, unusual establishments, beautiful gazebos. In this way, you will plan your perfect trip and at the same time you will spend time having a pleasant conversation with your loved one.

By the way, there is a life hack – interactive travel. As you probably know, there is a street view feature in Google Maps. You can literally walk through other cities and countries. Why not use this feature for a virtual walk together? Thus, you can see dozens and even hundreds of sights in one night without leaving your home. In addition, you and your interlocutor can organize excursions to each other’s cities. Just launch a street view from a point in your browser and hit the road. Thus, you will be able to show the central streets of the city, your favorite cafes, and even your own home.

Give gifts to your loved one

We are all used to the fact that gifts must be presented personally. But what if this is not possible? Even in small towns, all kinds of courier services and companies are available for gift delivery. Don’t even mention flower delivery – this service has been around for many years.

Discover what your partner loves, surprise her. Of course, this is possible if you know your home or at least your work address. If you recently met on a webcam chat and still don’t know anything about the person, it’s best not to rush. Your desire to find out the address as soon as possible will only cause caution. As well as surprise gifts if you barely know each other.

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Flirting is an integral part of a romantic relationship. Of course, the task is a little more complicated at a distance. But there is absolutely nothing stopping you from exchanging funny messages, sending cute photos or even going on an erotic and romantic date. If you understand what we mean. The only advice is to choose trusted video calling services. Everyone knows the story of the breach of user and broadcast data on Zoom. The vulnerability was fixed, but the situation was still extremely unpleasant for thousands of people.

The main thing – do not forget about each other, show signs of attention even when you are far away, communicate more often and do not let your feelings fade only because of the distance. After all, we live in the 21st century, when distances and limits are nothing more than conventions. Resource: CooMeet Russian.

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