The 7 Best Android Backup Apps in 2023 [Free & Paid]

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If you already know how to backup your Android device, you also have to know that there are many applications that help you in this process.

These apps are aimed at those who prefer to save their files and information in a simpler way or who simply do not see the need to make a complete backup of their device.

Whatever your needs, we have listed no less than some of the best backup apps for Android!

1. Easy backup and restore

As per its name, Simple Backup your data & Restore provides users with a very simple and complete backup that allows them to save almost anything on their Android smartphones. You can also store your data in the cloud or on an SD card.

The app is completely free and even gives you the option to email the backup (either to yourself or others), so you can restore your files at any time without any hassle.

2. My backup

The biggest advantage of this app over the others is that it gives you the option to take a backup even if the Android device is far away. All this can be done through the MyBackup website itself, which can be accessed directly from the PC.

This is useful because it makes it a bit easier to recover your files and data if your device is lost or even stolen. Also, content can be transferred from one device to another, which is a modern convenience.

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3. G cloud backup

As its name suggests, its main function is to save and store your files through its cloud service. You can access up to 10 GB of free space, which is not bad for storing files on your Android smartphone or tablet.

The app does not require root and you can save things like your call history, WhatsApp messages, contacts and conversations, documents, etc.

4. Super backup

Super Backup is perfect for those who don’t have much experience with backup apps because it’s very intuitive and has a very educational interface, all for your Android. You will find a specific button for each type of thing you want to save, such as applications, contacts, messages, etc.

You can define where the data will be stored and schedule days and times for the application to perform automatic backups.

5. Titanium Backup

While most backup apps do not require you to root your device, Titanium Backup is basically an exclusive app for those who have already rooted their Android smartphone.

App users benefit from regular updates and strong stability, which is a good thing. The app can back up absolutely anything (thanks to root) and offers secure cloud storage options.

6. Ultimate Backup 4 in 1

Ultimate Backup is very similar to Titanium Backup and offers many of the same features as the previous app. It is also best recommended for those who have already rooted their Android smartphone.

The premium version is even more complete, offering scheduled backups and more file storage options. In short, it ends up being an option for those who want something similar but simpler than Titanium Backup.

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7. Application Backup Restore Transfer

This app is one of the more basic options on our list and is best suited if you want a faster backup of some of your files. The interface isn’t the prettiest, but it’s still functional enough to be easy to use.

Some of the saved information can still be transferred via Bluetooth or email to other devices.

With these Android backup apps, saving your Android files is much easier, right?

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