Who is Bradley Staude? Jailed after boy ingests party drug

Here, we will be talking about the little boy who has gone viral online. The general public searches the Internet for information about the little boy and, moreover, for any news in the case. As a result, we have provided information about the little boy for our readers in this post. Also, we will provide information about the case because people are looking for it online. For more information, read the rest of the article.

Who is Bradley Staude?

After their baby consumed a potentially fatal amount of the fancy party drug (GHB), two parents who suppressed “vital” information from paramedics will serve time in prison. At their Elizabeth Downs residence in March 2020, Bradley Justin Staude, 29, and Sherrie Charlton-Wesley, 27, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence after their daughter, who was two years and seven months old at the time , drank from a vial containing the drug GHB. Although her daughter consumed more GHB than adults who overdosed and died from the substance, the court heard that her daughter had made a “miraculous” full recovery after the incident.

Staude appeared before Adelaide District Court on Tuesday and received a sentence of two years, 10 months and 23 days in jail, along with a 19-month non-parole period. Charlton-Wesley received a prison term of three years, nine months and 22 days, with a 22-month non-parole period. Judge Joana Fuller, who sentenced both Staude and Charlton-Wesley, characterized them as drug addicts who cared more about their own safety than their daughter’s. In situations where anyone in her position would have realized that her child needed immediate medical attention and intervention, Justice Fuller observed: “Both of them put their personal interests and their own preservation above the welfare of their daughter”.

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Both parents were informed of the side effects of taking fantasy, which can include nausea, seizures and sometimes death, the court was told. The parents, according to Judge Fuller, were using drugs at the time, but both realized shortly after that their daughter had used fantasies. He claimed that the two chose to search for “What happens if a child drinks GHB?” online instead of calling an ambulance. “The only thing a parent concerned for the well-being of his child would do immediately in such a situation is the one thing neither of you did,” Judge Fuller told the court. When they both called an ambulance at 2:19 a.m. the next day, their son was obviously in danger.

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