Who is Joel Richard Clarke Brampton? Man arrested in the murder of Claudia Iacono

The first-degree murder of Claudia Iacono was allegedly committed by 28-year-old Joel Richard Clarke of Brampton, Ontario. In Milton, Ontario, west of Toronto, he was pulled over by Ontario Provincial Police Tuesday night. Through a videoconference, he appeared before a Quebec Court in the Montreal courtroom. A Toronto lawyer who participated in the video conference stated: “He was not Mr. Clarke’s lawyer in this case. “He is Mr. Clarke’s lawyer in Toronto for his charges,” the lawyer omitted to mention the charges Clarke is expected to face in Ontario. Clarke’s case continued through July 13 and she will remain in custody. Iacono, 39, was fatally shot while driving her car past a hair salon on Jean-Talon St. W. in the city’s Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood. It was daylight

Who is Joel Richard Clarke Brampton?

She was discovered shot many times in her car, and authorities pronounced her dead there. Her car skidded into the Spa Deauville hair salon, according to police, after she was shot while she was driving in the parking lot. In a commercial section of Jean-Talon St., the salon is located in the middle of two car dealerships. The salon is owned by another company, which appoints Iacono as its manager, according to the Quebec corporate registry. The head of the SPVM’s major crimes unit, Jean-Sebastien Caron, said the motive for the murder is still unknown and he cannot determine if he has anything to do with the Montreal mafia.

Now they don’t have a motivation, but they don’t want to claim it’s the mob, Caron said during a news conference on Wednesday. “In general, it is quite difficult to determine if he is connected to the mafia. But since you’re aware of what’s going on, Ms. Iacono, it’s possible the mob is involved. However, the man is unquestionably charged with first degree murder because he intended to harm her or those in her immediate vicinity. She added that authorities were aware of Clarke and that he was connected to past violent incidents. Caron said additional arrests may be made while the investigation is ongoing.

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Claudia IaconoClaudia Iacono, 39, was shot dead

Caron stated: “We are looking for additional suspects. Before her death in Mexico ten years ago, Moreno Gallo, a key player in the Calabrian side of the Montreal mafia, was married to Iacono. Three years after Nicolo (Zio Cola) Rizzuto was killed in his house by a sniper stationed outside, Gallo was also killed. Investigators now believe that Gallo was deliberately killed that day to convey a message. The same detectives believe that Gallo could have used his influence to stop Rizzuto’s murder, but he decided not to do anything. Therefore, more information about this case will be revealed soon until then, please stay tuned for PKB news.

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