Marriage certificate catches fire while the bride was signing, a sign?

A woman named Alejandra Frías published on her TikTok account a painful moment she experienced at her civil wedding and it was captured by one of the attendees at her wedding.

While signing her marriage certificate, the young woman began to take fire, causing fear and astonishment among those present.

And it was all due to the carelessness of the judge, who while giving the young woman the marriage certificate to sign, did not realize that one of the edges had begun to burn with the flame of one of the candles that they placed on it. table.

When he turned another of the leaves, he realized that they were on fire and began to hit it with his hands to control the fire and also looked at the candles.

For their part, the future spouses reacted with surprise and could not help but laugh at the curious accident.

The video was shared three days ago with the legend “chale” and with the audio “My first job”, a product of the Artificial Intelligence of a song by Eladio Carrión that has become very popular on that social network.

The incident did not go unnoticed and accumulated more than 2 million views on TikTok, where many users claim that it is a bad omen or a sign.

“It’s a sign at my parents’ wedding they collided with two guests, I don’t remember that they were my parents’ but one died and I don’t remember the other one now,” “It’s a sign… correeee… when I got married the first time, it was One time the judge didn’t arrive, I couldn’t find my dress, and there weren’t any tortillas for food,” are some messages.

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