‘People who seek divorce are selfish’: 5 disturbing comments made by Sima Taparia in her recent interview

While Sima Taparia may have gained recognition as a prominent matchmaker and a central figure on the show ‘Indian Matchmaking’, her journey in the public eye has been marked by a series of condescending and regressive comments that have consistently left people feeling disheartened.

Despite his experience in helping people with marital connections, his statements have often sparked controversy, challenging traditional notions of matchmaking and raising pertinent questions about the values ​​he perpetuates.

To refresh your memory a bit, shortly after the debut of the reality show “Indian Matchmaking” in 2020, matchmaker Sima Taparia faced significant backlash due to her controversial comments and controversial views. This criticism persisted even after the release of the show’s third season.


During a recent interview with Mashable India, Sima participated in discussions that spanned several complex topics, including divorce, distinctions between NRIs (non-resident Indians) and residents of India, and more.

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1. Sima Taparia commented on the lifestyle distinctions between NRIs and Indians, specifically focusing on aspects such as housework and domestic help.

“NRIs cannot spread their wings everywhere because they have a lot of work to do. They have to do household chores, drive their car, work in the office and cook for themselves. In India we are free birds; we are lucky that here let’s have domestic help. So we can do a lot of other things.”

2. Sima also made a colorful comment while talking about a matchmaking case involving a South Indian man.


She said: “There is a very influential family in the South; their son is very dark. In the South, people are generally dark. His mother’s list of criteria was very long. But fortunately, they got the girl they wanted exactly “No. Many people have that criterion, but who doesn’t want a beautiful daughter-in-law?”

3. It only gets worse! Furthermore, it classifies people who seek divorce as selfish.


“Those with whom I have met have not yet divorced. But if it happened, it is because they do not have patience, flexibility, willingness to adapt and selfishness. This is how problems are created. They do not have the values ​​of giving, sharing and caring.”

4. Taparia criticized independent and highly educated women for not conforming to the expectations of others.


She said, “People are getting divorced because there is no patience, there is no adjustment, selfishness, ladkiya itana padh likh lete hai toh, they say why should I listen to anyone? (Highly educated girls don’t listen to anyone.)

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5 . Sima Taparia also revealed that he carefully selects matchmaking clients and does not collaborate with everyone.


She said: “I do a lot of desis searches abroad; I get a lot of calls from people in the US (clients from these communities). But I pick and choose because I can’t do it for everyone. Package Jiska aacha ho mere ko usee type ka aaega na toh mein usse type ka match karte hu (I usually make matches only for those who have good salary packages because I only have those types of clients).

Sima Taparia rose to fame after appearing in the Netflix documentary series “Indian Matchmaking.”

Originally from Mumbai, she has become widely recognized for her role as a matchmaker, often introducing herself as “Sima Taparia of Mumbai.” However, her regressive approach and condescending statements have continued to spark debate and criticism.

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