Why are dumb phones making a comeback with the younger crowd?

The average person spends around 52,925 minutes each year looking at social media, according to research by Sortlist, a UK mergers and acquisitions consultancy. A typical American uses the Internet for 109 days a year, 32 of which are spent on social media.

Sortlist’s survey also found that customers wanted to spend less time using smartphones, as evidenced by an 18% increase in searches for dummy phones in the US. Additionally, there has been a 5% increase in searches for services for dumb phones all over the world.

Causes of the use of Dumbphones

32% of people under 35 want to use social media less

According to Nicolas Finet, CMO of Sortlist, “Dumb phones are currently an attractive option for parents who want their kids to have a phone but at the same time limit screen time and social media use.” In order to reduce screen time and social media usage, as well as enable privacy and become more proactive in their lives, a large portion of Gen Z and millennials use dumb phones. A recent survey revealed that 32% of people under the age of 35 want to use social media less, which just goes to show how the trend is changing.

These findings serve as a cautionary tale for digital businesses leveraging the Internet of Things and smartphone technology, suggesting that consumers may have reached a tipping point where they are reverting to older technologies that they perceive as less intrusive or disruptive to your life.

Although many medical professionals do, the American Psychological Association does not classify phone use as an addiction. These experts are concerned that excessive phone use can cause sleep problems, anxiety, decreased cognition, and difficulty concentrating. Researchers at the University of Chicago agree. “Recent research indicates that the ‘brain drain’ induced by smartphones is a potentially costly side effect of their integration into daily life. We present evidence that two measures of cognitive ability, available working memory capacity and functional fluid intelligence, may be negatively affected simply by having consumers’ smartphones there.

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The advice for businesses using cell phones and digital technology to communicate with customers may be to provide the following details.

Google searches for dumb phones increased 89%

According to the BBC, the market for dummy phones is expanding rapidly. According to Semrush data, searches for dumb phones on Google increased 89% between 2019 and 21. Additionally, a 2019 Counterpoint Research analysis predicted basic phone sales to reach 1 billion units by 2021, primarily due to growth in areas like India and some regions. from Africa Calls and texts may suffice for the needs of most low-income customers in these markets. It’s challenging to determine how much the market has actually expanded, however, given that there may not be any recent global aggregate figures for dumb phone sales.

However, mobile phone-focused websites provide information on what makes basic phones so attractive. Which was also claimed by some users in the BBC report, according to a guide to the best dummy phones available on the market, is a strong justification for buying one. A dumb phone allows one to “recover [one’s] life”, as the guide says, moving away from the hectic world of social networks. A younger generation understands that message quite clearly, according to the BBC story, which cites TikTok movies in which feature phones are frequently seen.

Certain feature phones today could include features that make it difficult to bypass the social media ecosystem. For example, the Nokia 6300 4G boasts of offering access to Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. The phone’s Android operating system makes the distinction between smartphones and dummy phones ambiguous. Dumb phone purists need not worry, though. In 2017, the Finnish phone maker brought back the iconic 3310 model, a completely basic phone. A new version of the Snake game might be the only diversion.

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Nokia’s dumb phone sales have grown significantly

While it’s still doing well in the Western European and Southeast Asian regions, Nokia is no longer the industry leader it once was in the early days of basic phones. Hong Kong-based Itel Mobile is another major player in the market. Like Nokia, it sells smartphones, but thanks to the African market, its sales of dummy phones have grown significantly. It is striking that practically all African countries have a personalized microsite available when one visits their website.

Finally, feature phones have three other compelling qualities in addition to allowing users to return to the most basic mobile phone functions. The first is that the battery life of dummy phones is usually longer than that of smartphones, which is a concern mainly due to background apps. Second, it’s hard to dispute the fact that a dumb phone is usually more robust. They are hard to break even when dropped, which is thankfully a rare occurrence. The third is straightforward: feature phones cost less than smartphones. When necessary, upgrading or replacing phones won’t break the bank.

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